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Five benefits of one-on-one coaching:

  1. You work smarter, not harder. Most of us, in fact I’d say, all of us, are driven to achieve true time freedom for ourselves and our family. A dedicated coach can massively accelerate your ability to go from technician to manager to entrepreneur.

  2. You stay laser-focused. Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start or what to take on first. With a keen awareness of where you are and where you want to go, your coach is there to help you sift through the mental clutter. They evaluate your plans, ensure that you’re on target, and make sure you’re using your time effectively. Your coach is also your sounding board to assess what’s realistic and what’s going to yield the best results, while helping you develop a plan that you can implement correctly (the first time).

  3. You are held accountable for what truly matters. A plan alone won’t lead to success unless you’re taking specific and consistent action. When you get busy, you’re more likely to put things off that are actually the most important. Your coach is that person who’s going to be there to hold you accountable. This benefit alone will make you much more productive.

  4. You gain a trusted confidante. When you own your business, it’s often hard to talk to people about your true concerns. Your coach provides that confidential, quiet space for you to share your concerns about all the challenges you’ll face. He or she is there to listen and give you an unbiased opinion. This type of forum often leads to those “aha!” moments, creating that shift you need to keep moving forward.

  5. You develop self-confidence. You’re able to leverage your coach’s experience, and the inside knowledge gained from personally experiencing challenges and success. Your coach is there to help you prepare for what’s ahead and guide you through unexpected situations that come your way. With that peace of mind, you’ll develop confidence and belief in trusting your instincts.



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10 Simple Investing Methods That Do Not Require Cash Or Credit  (plus 14 other strategies)

What will your bank account, or retirement plan look like a year from now? If the answer is leaves you wanting, then you need this course 
"If you do what you always did, you'll get what you always got" 


* How many others profited in as little as 2 weeks  
* How To Buy Homes, Apartment Buildings, Commercial Real Estate, Raw Land and Even Foreclosures, Often With Little or No Money Down and No Credit Check 
* How To Create passive income for life 
* How To Get Unlimited Access To Foreclosure &Tax Lien Listings at no cost 
* How To Wholesale (assign) Properties for quicker profits 
* And much, much more


Contracts - makes agreements a "no brainer"; specially designed for investors to help eliminate risk and increase profitability. Easily modified to accommodate local requirements or changes 

Come visit our community of successful investors and private money lenders that work exclusively with our group, outline the specific Education that it took us to achieve the results we have, and give you an opportunity get the education and to work with us directly.

Asside from out Intro, our events are private and by invitation only. Upon acceptance to the Real Estate Mastery Network you will have weekly access to upcoming networking events, tips, and workshops designed to accelerate your success as a real estate investor.

We are a local network and meet several times a month a various locations for study groups, property tours and business development. 

Courses Offered:

100 & 200 level"

Creative Acquisitions

Real Estate Essentials

Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Red Flags

Tax and Legal 1

Self Directed IRAs

 Credit Repair

Deal of the Decade

Self Directed IRAs

300 & 400 level:

Fix and Flip

Lease Options

Short Sales

Multi-Family Dwellings

Notes, Tax Liens & Deeds

Commercial Real Estate


Mortgage Acceleration

What would YOU do with an extra $10,000-$15,000 or more in the next few weeks?

COMPLETE Real Estate Investing Program with Agreement Making Software  and Don't Forget the Unlimited, Personal One-on-One Coaching - 

This program is for real - no "infomercial" hype, no seminars designed only to enrich the "guru", no celebrity BS - Just a simple program that really works the way you need it to.


Imagine how powerful it will be to learn topics like:

• Utilizing the MLS

• Building Relationships with Realtors

• Joint Ventures with other Investors

• Direct Mail

• Craigslist Leads

• Bandit Signs

• Creating a Marketing Plan

The Only Real Estate Investing Program You Will Ever Need

We are so confident that we can teach you how to make money in real estate that we offer this Lifetime free upgrade training program. You risk nothing. 

NEW! Orders placed today will include (2) FREE, personal one-on-one phone consultations with National Director. 

When you offer a course that really works, as ours does, you do not need gimmicks such as seminars, boot camps or bus tours for selling it. All anyone needs in order to make money in real estate investing are (4) things:
  * Knowledge of all methods and how to implement them 
  * A good mentor/coach who is an experienced, successful investor 
  * Specialized agreements and forms designed by investors for investors 
  * The determination to just get out there and do it. This one is up to you.


You do not need anything else. Availability of cash and/or credit may be necessary for some "traditional" methods, but there are several methods in this course that do not require them. You can get started regardless of your current financial situation. You Gain Immediate Access to classes and software tools to assits with: 
*  Foreclosures & Preforeclosures
*  Short Sales" 
* Tax Liens & Tax Deed Sales
* Selling A Home

* Wholesaling



So, there is only one question...


What is YOUR future worth?
Our Lifetime Guarantee assures you have nothing to lose by trying


"If you do what you always did, you'll get what you always got."

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