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 SpinningEagleGroup provides: Supreme Real Estate Investment Training, Real Estate Investor Education Program,  training mentoring and coaching ranging from the novice (beginers) to the experience investor. At SpinningEagleGroup you can connect with our nation-wide community (in every state), take in new real estate articles and news, earn money while you learn and browse successful student-submitted real estate deals and successes. Most recent millionaires made their fortune in real estate. Real Estate is one of the most rewarding tax advantage for the ordinary citizen and we are excited to share our passion for investing and business with our visitors to this site. To learn more about us and investing in real estate check out the rest of the site at SpinningEagleGroup.

SpinningEagleGroup  Buys and Sell Real Estate Wholesale, Rehab - Fix, Flip, Rental Short Sale, and  offers Free Hands-On Mentoring Coaching Community. We provide Deep Discounts on Investment Properties.  We are a Real Estate Wholesale Cash Buyer. We buy Homes-Any size and Condition. GA. FL, Northeast, Southeast, Midwest regions for Real Estate Wholesale, Fix,flip,Residential, Commercial, Short Sale, Rental and provide Real Estate Investor Education Program.... Real Estate Wholesale, Fix,flip,Residential, Commercial, Short Sale, Rental Wholesale Rental Buy&Hold, Buy and Hold, Passive Income, Lease, MLS, Zillow. SpinningEagleGroup We Buy Homes Any Size Any Condition Cash Buyer Buy Homes Cash Buyer Buy&Hold,  Passive Income, Rehab

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You will learn everything you need to get started as an entrepenuer real estate and hands-on Investor. SpinningEagleGroup Provides Real Estate Investor Education Program. Supreme Real Estate Investment Training, Best real estate investor mentor coaching training in Georgia,Florida,Best real estate education training online system, How to Find Deals Wholesale Fix Flip Short Sale 

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Join Us -  SpinningEagleGroup is Always Looking For Entrepreneurs (No Experience Required) to Train

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SpinningEagleGroup Love Real Estate Investor Education

Real Estate Investor Education,Teaching, and Mentoring Real Estate Trainees is not just our business, it's our passion. We believe real estate investing can be the most rewarding business for any entrepreneur We're active investors that love to share our knowledge and experience.


OurReal Estate Investor Education is structured for you to learn at your own pace. You can learn on-line (distance learning) to weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visit to the nearest meeting place in your city.


Real Estate Investor Education


* How many others profited in as little as 2 weeks  
* How To Buy Homes, Apartment Buildings, Commercial Real Estate, Raw Land and Even Foreclosures, Often With Little or No Money Down and No Credit Check 
* How To Create passive income for life 
* How To Get Unlimited Access To Foreclosure &Tax Lien Listings at no cost 
* How To Wholesale (assign) Properties for quicker profits 

* How to avoid pitfalls of knowing everything, doing everything yourself, not having a plan for the property
* And much, much more









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SpinningEagleGroup is an active investors keeping a pulse on today’s markets, designs and trends. Spinning Eagle Real Estate Investment Group has students nation-wide who are actively investing in home and have dozens of deals at any given time and are constantly testing, tracking and refining their marketing, acquisitions, rehabbing, and selling systems. The most successful systems and strategies are the foundation of our educational program, allowing us to offer the most accurate, up-to-date training to our students. Check out real estate investment  deals below or browse all our deals. 

Proven Real Estate Software For Our Investors

Real estate investing takes a considerable amount of time, energy, money, and confidence to get started. You can cut down your time by 50% if you have tools to identify Investor Properties. 

For beginner and casual investors looking to build a serious business, the one real estate software system to consider is Realeflow.  We pass along our discount  on Realeflow to you.

On top of the discount, you get 30 days free trial for Real Estate Investor Education.

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What do you do when you love something? Share it with your friends! With our Marketing Program you can get paid to share your success and the education you love. Word of mouth has proven to be a powerful force in purchase decisions. Harness that power and see how you can profit from it.

You get paid to refer students to our real estate education programs. You can start earning income from $1,000 to $10,000 per student! There is no limit how much you can earn for student referrals.

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These books will provide good background information, but books does not provide hand-one-on-one coaching and mentoring. This will be the difference between book smart and practical experience. Nothing beats experience.